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C4 (4 summer fish 7-10lb)                  £10.00 per lb


C5 (5 summer fish 11-16lb)                £17.50 per lb


C6 (6 summer fish 18-22lb)                £26.00 per lb



All prices and delivery are subject to 20% VAT.



We have no Italians for sale this coming winter as we are growing them through to larger sizes. We may have a limited number available winter 2018-19. Thereafter we will have larger numbers available but it’s still worth ordering in advance as we are the exclusive suppliers of this strain and they are unique to us. Hence the limited availability. Check out our fishery web site to see what an amazing strain these are.



Please call us or email us with your contact number to initiate discussions around your requirement. If a deal is agreed we will then require a 15% deposit to secure your fish, this officially confirms the fish order and provides a level of firm commitment from the client.  We harvest and deliver fish from Oct-Mar each winter depending on water temperature and our harvest regime for that winter. Full payment (minus deposit) is expected upon fish delivery.


If after a deposit has been taken and for some reason we cannot supply your agreed fish either in size or qty we will call to discuss the situation.  If we cannot find an acceptable solution then we will re-fund your deposit in full.  If a firm order is agreed and a deposit has been taken then it is not returnable should the client wish to cancel the order.

Demand is such that we strongly suggest you contact us long in advance of when you would like fish delivered especially if you are looking for the popular sizes such as C4 7lb – 10lb and fish 18lb or larger; we are already taking orders for future winters so please do contact us as soon as you know your requirement.


It is always worth calling us at anytime to enquire and discuss your requirement and provide your contact details.  Occasionally a fish order cancellation will occur, in this situation and if we do not already have a buyer waiting then we can contact you.



Before we can stock your fishery your fishery needs to be registered with CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Tel 01305 206600). Then you must get a Site Permit from the Environment Agency (Fish movements team Tel 01480 483968), we will need a copy of your site permit before stocking can take place.


All our fish movements are accompanied with a copy of the valid FR1 Section 30 Fish Health Check.  Our fish farm Section 30’s are undertaken by an independent and well respected fish health specialist.



Order values over £3,500.00 are delivered free of charge within 75 miles of our fish farm.

Order values below £3,500.00 will have a delivery charge. Precise delivery charges will be discussed and confirmed when a firm order is placed.