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Larger Carp

Larger Carp

We have had considerable experience in the growing of large Carp and bringing them to market. We have brought this experience into Future Fisheries and it helps shape our current strategy.

Part of our experience has been in the creation of Carp ‘collections’. These are whole stocks of fish which can be bought en masse to stock a new venue from the off and launch it straight away as a successful fishery. These carp collections are tailored for the client and offer great advantages if an instant fishery is needed or if complimentary stock is the requirement.

Carp Collections

We can provide an easy stress free stocking of your whole venue with top quality English Carp of proven pedigree, and all the fish are from our CEFAS registered professionally run fish farm with its own natural carp source which thereby minimizes the greatly increased fish health risks associated with buying fish stocks from different locations and suppliers.
Each of our collections are usually designed to contain fish of different age groups providing a good mix of sizes normally ranging from low doubles into low thirties and on occasion through the thirties to over 41Ibs+, however, we are accommodating.

If clients prefer a lesser volume of small or large Carp to compliment current fishery stocks then of course we can also fulfill that requirement.

If its only larger carp you are looking for we offer excellent prices to fisheries that are looking for a larger volume of bigger fish.

Two notable collections supplied in recent years have included the sale of 209 top quality English fish into a syndicate water of over 40 acres in Sussex. These fish are now all big twenties with many 30’s and a good handful of 40’s present in the water and they are still growing. More recently 185 fish were sold to a new fishery in the West Country. The fish ranged between mid singles right through doubles with a volume of big twenties, some thirties and one forty. These fish continue to excel with new 20’s and 30’s being reported and other fish rapidly approaching the 40lb barrier.

Future Planning
A collection of Carp may take some time to assemble. Sometimes we can meet the requirements immediately and others we can work with a fishery to see their stocking requirements met over a planned period of 18 months to 3 years. There’s great advantage in spreading stocking over a longer period, as fishery managers are able to assess how each stocking adjusts to the venue in question and adjust their plans accordingly. This is the strategy we have followed with our own Fishery, Westbourne House Lake, with considerable success.

Availability Disappointment Warning!
If you require the very latest Future Fisheries Carp stock information then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our fish sell quickly and we do not wish to disappoint those who simply rang too late!