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In December 2009 Future Fisheries Ltd had the privilege of purchasing the freehold of a 30-acre gravel pit on the outskirts of Chichester in West Sussex.

This water has the ideal rich and varied aquatic habitat to produce very large specimen coarse fish including Carp. Its terrestrial surroundings are very young but attractive and the pit also has an underwater topography that will prove a very interesting challenge for any angler.

The lake had been left untouched over many years and has only been irregularly fished for one year (2009) by a smaller syndicate. During that year it was discovered that there were approximately 15 – 20 resident Carp some of which were over 30 with 3 or 4 forties also present. One of these bigger Carp is a particularly large uncaught Common which has been regularly seen alongside other 40+ known fish making them look small. Clearly there are a few surprises in the lake.

Since we have taken over the water we have constructed access, safe car parking and comfortable swims where necessary. This new syndicate was filled quickly with 55 members. The membership list is open and currently has over 60 people on it. Our current membership limit is 45 members plus 5 winter Pike tickets.

The WHL syndicate has produced personal best Carp weights for many of our members with everyone enjoying the stockfish, which are growing spectacularly. There have been 5 different 40’s caught with other fish speeding up behind. The lake record stands at 48Ibs 12ozs, the beautiful ‘Two Tone’. The amazing ‘Big Scaly’ comes close behind its best weight being over 48Ibs, with the Italian, a stocked fish, at 47Ib plus. Close behind are other stocked fish Cluster at 43.12 and a new 40 plus Common at 42Ibs. The 59 stockfish we introduced late winter 2010 up to 22lb have grown incredibly with an estimated 95% now weighing 25lb+. 44 more carp were stocked into the lake in season 2, 25 in November 2010 and 19 in March 2011. We added another 20 top quality Italian strain Mirrors during December 2011, and a further 33 Mirrors and 9 Commons in January 2013 and a further 50 Leney Dinks in March 2014. Finally we have added our Sutton Dink strain of Carp to the equation taking our stock levels to around the 300 mark. These Sutton Dinks have been introduced mainly between 6-9Ibs in 2016 and 2017 and are on the same trajectory as the Leney Dinks being caught already between 14-20Ibs. These subsequent stockings, which averaged at 7Ibs 8ozs at the time of stocking, are now passing the mid twenties barrier and are regularly being caught in the upper 20’s and low 30’s.

Indeed we believe approximately 60-80 of our stock are already over 30Ibs and during 2017 we had an estimated 70 fish out over 26Ibs and most will make 30Ibs+ in 2018. Some of this age group are our Leney Dink strain which we stocked between 7-9Ibs in March 2014 and they are now being caught between 24Ibs and 32Ibs. These growth rates prove how rich and productive the lake is and indicate that our young stockfish should be reaching very large weights inside of three to five years. In addition to the Carp are the un-explored stocks of Pike. At the time of writing a lake record of 32Ibs has been caught along with fish of 25Ibs, 27Ibs and a number of 20Ib plus fish. There’s clearly more to come with a possibility of a big 30 on the horizon.